What part of your spirit talent won’t let you to take off the saddle and reigns of being tamed with responsibility? What is responsibility? In its most basic definition: its’ our ability to respond with our attention to any situation that arises. So look around at your surroundings and ask what needs my attention before I look to my desire? What internal needs do I need to take care of before I take on more responsibility? What repetitive habits of piling on faith into future subject has taken away from you serving your basic soul needs?

To let go of the old is to understand how you have helped people heal in your life time. How many people have sat down with you and asked you questions? How many of them have cried tears of joy and pain? How many of these have been healed with the use of your talent and the presence of your spirit, mind and body? Before you decided to be a person expressing this talent you were a healer. At this point in time you don’t see how you effectively became a healer, but the act of coming out with your talent was an overwhelming healing for you. It forced the monkey mind aspect of all two legged mind, to separate memories and thoughts so you could process this new healing energy into your daily living. Take time to look over your old journals and doodle’s in corners of paper. Who was the old you and who is the new you? How far have you come with your talent? How much farther do you want to go with this at the point your life has brought you to? This is a time of healing. A time of recalling of all the sacred energies of your soul. Recycle, repair and renew old patterns that prevent new patterns from becoming tangible aspects in your life.

  • About Andrew
    About Andrew

    Andrew Bartzis is a transcendent teacher, Shaman and Reiki master with the rare ability of being able to access the Akashic Records of our planet and all that this universe encompasses at will.

    Also known as the Galactic Historian, he’s able to read and interpret individual, cultural, global, and galactic histories (past, present, and future) with everyone who’s eager to learn. Just as if you would look through a clear glass of pure water, Andrew can read the Akashic Records while in a fully conscious state.

    Which means he can read your records while fully engaging with you in a warm, light­hearted manner and sacred neutral state.

    As an Akashic reader and master healer for over a quarter century, his goal is to help the world around him by sharing information from this sacred neutral state of no­time. By bringing forth the power of contract revocations, he helps individuals reclaim their sovereign free will and find their way to peace, joy and happiness. For indeed that is what we all seek!