Contract Revocations

Revocation for the Sacred Masculine

Revocation for the Sacred Masculine


Within my past, present and future beings, selves and existences in this dimension and time stream, all time streams above and below the Earthcentric sine wave of co- existence…

At this exact moment, in the ever-present co-creative moment, I summon all DNA linage ancestors to create a unified-proper spiritual court of equity so I may find remedy and resolve with all contracts that have inserted fine print during the pre-birth, birth and puberty process. I call forth the proper spiritual court of equity to hear my decree of contract removal.

I call forth all ancestors of all soul relations to hold space in this spiritual court of equity. I call to Earth Mother and all her light denizens within all inner and outer space to come forward and occupy this spiritual Court of Equity.

Great mystery who is the source of all power, I call to You!

Come with your sacred synchronicity so all beings may hold space with Unity Consciousness.

I call to Great Spirit who lives within Great Mystery. You the powers of mother Earth manifested, I call to your wisdom, in this “I AM” moment.

Bless me as I walk this sacred soil. Bless me as I breathe your sacred air. Bless me as I warm myself with sacred fire. Bless me with your sacred waters of life. Bless me as I learn to walk with personal power.

Today I travel the great unknown, grant me the wisdom to be humble. Grant me the wisdom to love, even when love is not returned. Grant me the knowledge to balance my way of being. So I may heal my family, my tribe, my nation and our mother Earth.

“I am” ready to invoke my natural rights as a sovereign male being born to Earth mother through a womb of a sacred feminine who was also born this way.

I invoke my natural rights as a being of Earth mother. I was born under the natural laws. With this wisdom of my natural birth I now reclaim my place in the natural world.

I revoke all energetic contracts with all people I have had sex with that was influenced by propaganda based mass media or pornography. I return myself to the zero point of the fetus in my mother’s womb.

I revoke all contracts with all perverted sacred masculine mystery schools who have operated with false information or who have created a patriarchal dominated society.

I cancel, cure or delete all contract that perverts the sacred masculine during the birth canal phase of life.

I revoke all spiritual contracts that create a sense of competition between the male species when dealing with any sacred feminine expression. I revoke all cultural taboos that create emotional distancing from women.

I revoke all perverted spiritual contracts that place me in the incorrect sex that I chose before my birth.

I revoke all contracts that create perversion of the male expression of sensual behavior.

I revoke all contracts that house, hold, or store my sacred masculine energy to promote male dominate sports, activities or entertainment that demoralize or degrade the sacred feminine

I revoke all systems of patriarchal domination of the family unit. I return all definitions of family to the Earth mother so remedy and resolve can be endeavored between all families now healing the patriarch concepts.

I revoke all cultural contracts I incarnated or reincarnated with that create a male dominated society structure. I return the sacred feminine to its right and proper place as equal partners in this co-creation experience of life.

I revoke all spiritual contract with all religions I have existed in that do not give full rights, duties and responsibility in total equity to the sacred feminine and masculine.

I revoke all spiritual contracts that retain me in any way shape or form or force me via soul contract to serve in war. I delete all patriot programming that creates a lust for war.

I revoke all spiritual contracts that define the male as war oriented. I revoke all spiritual contract with all governments that I have served in during all times of war.

I revoke all spiritual contracts that create a war based male dominated military industrial complex.

I revoke all contracts that create a male serving/servicing sex industry that dominates women in any way shape or form.

I revoke all spiritual contracts that create a sense of uncleanliness within my sacred masculine expression. I revoke all contracts that keep me trapped in shame, blame or guilt created by perverted masculine or perverted feminine personalities.

I revoke all contracts with the incubus and succubus grids I may have dealt with in all of my past, present and future lives. I hereby banish the entire incubus and succubus grid from my reality for all eternity.

I hereby revoke my entire citizenship to all representations of kingship, dictatorship, religious monarchies, religious councils or representative government concepts.

I hereby permanently remove myself from all dream time societies interwoven with the system of domination and control that caused the erasure of our oral teachers/historians throughout the entire indigenous world.

I hereby revoke every decision I have ever made while in service to the system of domination and control. All decisions made for my by a Male soul contract holding Representative of government are now placed in a proper spiritual court of equity with all ancestors present so we may find remedy and resolve, not justice or judgment.

I now state with full sovereign conviction that I am now fully present in the mighty I am self. I declare from this point forth, I now operate with a permanent spiritual court of equity when relating to healing the divine masculine or feminine so perversion never re-enters my field of expression.

I hereby declare that Earth Mother is now in dominion with me for all forms of interpersonal relations for all sentient kind existing and co-existing on Earth Mother’s realms.

I call forth all the ancestors to honor this reading of my free will and enter it into the Earth Akashic record for all sentient kind to understand our freedom comes with the use of free will at all times.

  • About Andrew
    About Andrew

    Andrew Bartzis is a transcendent teacher, Shaman and Reiki master with the rare ability of being able to access the Akashic Records of our planet and all that this universe encompasses at will.

    Also known as the Galactic Historian, he’s able to read and interpret individual, cultural, global, and galactic histories (past, present, and future) with everyone who’s eager to learn. Just as if you would look through a clear glass of pure water, Andrew can read the Akashic Records while in a fully conscious state.

    Which means he can read your records while fully engaging with you in a warm, light­hearted manner and sacred neutral state.

    As an Akashic reader and master healer for over a quarter century, his goal is to help the world around him by sharing information from this sacred neutral state of no­time. By bringing forth the power of contract revocations, he helps individuals reclaim their sovereign free will and find their way to peace, joy and happiness. For indeed that is what we all seek!