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Hello fellow explorers,

A couple of weeks back I was talking to a friend of mine whom I haven’t seen for a while, and she asked me what I was doing with my life etc. I told her about Andrew and what I have been doing so far with GH.

She asked me what the Akashic record was, she had heard the term before but did not know exactly what it was. I told her I would put the information together for her, and thought it would be a good topic for my blog.

Andrew gave me a copy of his transcript, of his explanation of the Akashic record, so I thought I would share this with you all today.

The Akashic Record is a recording of all sentient existence on this planet, in the above, middle, and below timeline. Each layer of the Akashic Record, records the sentient’s race’s existence. The actual Akashic Record literally records every past, present, and into the future lives, because Earth is the anchor of all sentient projections into this reality.

The Earth is a Dreamtime reality with many layers above and below it, so it is able to maintain the record of all vibratory beings, who choose to come into this experiential reality. It helps them understand their life review process in the astral worlds, and what they have been doing in this world.

Earth is also linked to many other worlds that are brother and sister worlds, so it can link itself to the other Akashic Records of other Dream Worlds, so that Beings here for this grand experience, can understand the totality of their being.

The Akashic Records are stored in the crystalline records, that starts in the core of our planet and works out. There’s a crystalline network of Mineral people and Crystal people, that are spread between every layer of rock, and every layer of rock represents a different layer of the Akashic Record.

I will continue with this subject in my next blog, on how Andrew accesses it.


  • Debbie

    Andrew added a new spark to his team by inviting Debbie Smartt as a guest on several of his shows since 2014. In one of the shows, Andrew mentioned that Debbie is RH Negative and as a result, she has the ability to open portals and hold sacred protective space within portals.

    Debbie Smartt is a Past Life Regression Therapist that was raised in Australia. While still living in Australia she experienced her first Past Life Regression which dramatically changed her life. This experience inspired Debbie to become passionate about healing herself and others. As a result she found Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy to be the most powerful healing and life changing method. In Australia Debbie held numerous Past Life Regression workshops and maintained her own successful private practice. In1992 Debbie moved to Washington State where she met and married her soul mate, Jaymes and continues to practice Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy.

    Debbie has been a Licensed Hypnotherapist for over thirty years and belongs to the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA). She is also certified as a Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist (QHHT) through Dolores Cannon. In addition, Debbie has had training in Cranial Sacral Therapy, Rebirthing, Conflict Resolution, Matrix Energetics and Quantum Touch.

    Debbie Smartt’s specialty is with Past and Present Life Regressions.

    For over 30 years she has guided many people to access their Higher Self to uncover and release many phobias, fears and negative patterns, that go well beyond current childhood experiences.

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